About Jones & Partners

For 19 year Jones and Partners have been working as a product design company in London.  The company was formed and based from its current studio in Clapham, South West London.  During this time we have designed and manufactured over 100 commercially successful projects for a list of over 30 product development clients globally.  We are proud to have won many awards along the way.  Our current team spans London and our recently opened Manchester office.  Craig and Phid lead a team of designers each bringing subject matter expertise to the studios rich blend of creativity and manufacturing rigour. Our consultative approach to the product design process means we listen and observe first before taking the next steps to forming a successful partnership with our clients.


Craig Jones


The founder of Jones & Partners with over 20 years of industrial design experience working with manufacturers globally. Craig set up Jones & Partners in 2000 and continues to develop the businesses opportunities and market placements. Whilst the team has grown Craig still keeps his hands on approach within the development process and leads with a listening ear and observant eye in the consultancy approach to finding the correct solution..


Phidias Leonida


Educator, polymath & tinkerer, Phidias has more than 20 years’ experience as an industrial designer. Degrees in both Economics and Design along with a hard earned teaching qualification make for a broad knowledge base. This unique mix informs a thought process which starts with a series of questions and a response dialogue before the sketchbook comes out.
With over 180 clients engaged at various levels including Herman Miller, Haworth, UBS, Deutsche Bank, BOSS Design, Task Systems, British Telecom and the Bank of England. Phidias brings a spirit of enquiry and attention to detail to the studio, a wealth of manufacturing experience and a willingness to try the unexpected.