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Our second engagement with Gecho Acoustics, the acoustics panel system takes an established product type, adds some unique features, and improves performance. Developed using technology tested with Bobble, Durdle and Mumble the design employs simple geometric rules to allow infinite configurations.

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With Gecho we have demonstrated some true design and manufacturing innovation - illustrated by a US and European Patent being issued.

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The advent and mass adoption of open workspace brings with it the problem of noise pollution. Starting with an informed hunch and our renowned curiosity we set out to explore how polyurethane would lends itself not just as a noise dampening solution but to play with the rules of acoustics.

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Why polyurethane? We're able to exploit the low cost of material allied with the low cost of manufacturing tooling. We d

esigned our own textiles.

The textiles augment the dampening being more absorbent.

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Gecho allows personalisation of space, not just for suspension from ceilings but can be built in to the environment by architects and interior designers, customising individual thickness, or indeed thinness. The product allows installers to "control" the acoustics.

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Working with BASF the entire range has been tested in varied environments.

Development of material blends.

Certification to highest levels.

Broad product offering for broad acoustic needs.

Creation of a holistic system.

Opportunity to customise and create.

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Die sublimation colours patterns & textures.

Ability to link this with manufacturing selection.

Technology and materials optimising performance.

Design of our own textiles

3D shape control / also controllong acoustic performance.

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Creating more productive workspaces. has become a theme in many products recently. The demand for aesthetics along with new function let's us explore how materials can empower consumers to design their own environments.


Acoustic System for Gecho