Sportswear tech comes to the office.


ANYWHERE CASE - Herman Miller

The Problem

How to give the increasingly mobile office worker a sense of space and place during their day away from a personal workspace in the office. With individuals being less tethered to physical spaces and more in the cloud it is becoming increasingly more important to create work tools which support this new paradigm.

The Opportunity

Miniaturisation of mobile technology allied with the advent of remote data storage and super-fast networks mean that more tasks than ever before can be carried out on the road. The chance to produce a product for global giant Herman Miller was too good a chance to miss.

The Process

We challenged the problem from its root by questioning the status of identity for the individual in the workplace. We worked directly with researchers at Herman Miller to understand the importance of the individuals work tools and stuff. Using our own experience and insights into technology at work we produced designs for a product big enough to carry the essentials but small enough to fit a bicycle pannier.

The Challenges

We needed to make the product both light and strong. It had to be durable outdoors and elegant in the boardroom. Finding the correct manufacturing technology to realise the design and developing the expertise to make that happen was a huge challenge. Ultimately the product was designed using techniques more commonly found in the production of impact protection in sportswear. Developing a testing strategy with the experts at FIRA.


“The combination and use of innovative materials, working practices and new manufacturing technologies were combined by Jones & Partners producing a truly innovative design solution. Manufactured in the North of England the anywhere product enhances Herman Miller’s design portfolio.”

Stephen Perkins - Director of International Research + Design


The Outcome

A well resolved and affordable product that is designed and engineered to last. The Anywhere case is robust enough to protect a MacBook at less than the price of a pair of decent running shoes. We look forward to exceeding 50 000 for total sales in the coming months.