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BATTERY - Aircharge

We designed this product as a response to the problem of delivering mobile phone charging to spaces without immediate access to mains power. The studio took the solution one stage further and working with the Aircharge brand we added wireless technology to the original concept. The final product combines a bay capable of charging 5 batteries simultaneously. Each battery can then be connected with a quarter turn and lock to an under table dock. We combined our injection moulding and project management expertise to work directly with a team of specialist manufacturers and electrical engineers to deliver a complete product.

The Problem

With our daily lives dominated by mobile technologies we are still subject to the unfortunate fact that at some point we end up sat next to wall, phone plugged into a socket. The problem we wanted to solve was how to get people away from the walls. Sat in a coffee shop,
contemplating the recent birth of his son, Craig observed the sorting process, phone users needing a charge on the perimeters. Those not permanently fixed to their phones gravitating to the middle tables.

The Opportunity

The rapid development of wireless charging technology within the smartphone market coupled with a visionary client.

The Process

The main problem was well defined so what really challenged us as a team were the other issues faced in producing a product which could stand up to the rigours of a high use environment, be easy to install and easy to use. Designing in electronic reliability, with batteries being switched in and out hundreds and hundreds of times a year. It’s one of our core strengths as a studio to understand the manufacturing partner and work directly with them to engineer products that work, time after time.

The Challenges

Working with mains, battery and wireless technology simultaneously is a long way from furniture design. The project was a complex combination of the technical requirements of international standards as well as our own requirements of design for usability. These challenges where all undertaken under the umbrella of a tightly controlled manufacturing process.

The Outcome

A neat and functional product, fit for purpose and engineered to meet its target costs. From its launch the product has already been specified on installations for Virgin trains. The Successful launch 2016.