A modular screening system that unites not isolates 3rd space.



The brief for Cornerstone was to create a physical link between workstation, storage, and screening to provide a natural progressive link into third space. The design offers integration and continuation of working areas rather than creating separate product groups. The use of acoustic materials and ability to offer it on internal and external surfaces was considered of high value to the user and specifiers, allowing flexibility in colour, texture, functionality and budget.

Jones & Partners used 3D Cad software to help calculate modular sizes to suit the existing UniteSE system, as well as investigate potential product layout variations. A range of acoustic fabrics were researched and tested to ensure that the product would meet the highest acoustic ratings. 3D printing was used throughout the design process to verify design decisions quickly – particularly with injection moulded components. Our close links with industry then enabled us to reduce prototype lead times and deliver within a tight time scale.

“The Jones & Partners studio continued its holistic product growth for KI with the addition of cornerstone. They identified that privacy and noise control is crucial within the current workplace. Cornerstone is a simple, low SKU, understated system that integrates with the rest of the KI portfolio providing a credible acoustic solution in all aspects of the workplace.”

Jonathan Hindle - KI