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DIVA for Thinking Works

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Diva is a product that was specifically designed to solve and deliver a unique solution to all technical problems of power and data. The ideology of this delivery was to respond with an elegant solution and to provide a wide range of scalable product types

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The product portfolio was developed in response to the growing demand for timber furniture and the domestication of commercial interiors.

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Diva is finished to the highest standard possible, a table system developed with consideration given to powered legs for floor access, a sensible way to manage wiring from the legs to the powerbox in the table top, and finishes that can be changed to follow new design trends.

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The timber legs design is machined creating a cavity for the cable managed. The leg proportions considered the block timber purchased to minimise waste during the machining process.

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All components on the system are re-cyclable. The die cast Leg to Rail Connectors feature the same patented design.

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Analyzing the market is where we started. What were the requirement of scale at its maximum and producing a structure suitable in scale and proportion that applied in its minimum.

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 By then we had predefined the specific user requirements and functional aspects of the product.

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At this stage of the development process design detailing and merging of different manufacturing processes and tolerances was key.  In this case we were working with 5 manufacturing processes and 3 different materials, one processed by extrusion & die-casting.

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Linked to a die cast and extruded aluminium frame, Diva has wooden legs that carry cables invisibly and ply formed panels that hide all manner of technological spaghetti. In our designs for Diva, working directly with the team at Thinking Works we have delivered intelligent solutions to difficult problems.