Furniture designed for task driven activities rather than just personal work settings or formal meeting spaces.


FOCUSED - Thinking Works

Focused is inspired by the intensity of the task driven hospital emergency room where every item has its place and each space can be quickly adapted. The product itself is designed using principles borrowed from the automotive industry. A solid, well-engineered frame is hidden from sight by panels and covers which give the product form and texture. Clip on trays moulded from recycled PET create the soft undercarriage. Interchangeable top trays mean the function of the table can be altered to suit the use.  

“Thinking Works engaged Jones & Partners to develop a table and chair system that will provide the built environment with a new, unique way to work both in meeting spaces and collaborative working environments. Jones & Partners were chosen as the designers for this project because we could see they have a fresh approach to design, their concepts are visually engaging, they are at the forefront of using new materials and they understand the importance of sustainable design and manufacturing which are key elements of Thinking Works’ ethos.”

Dean Kuch - Managing Director Thinking Works