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FOCUSED for Thinking Works

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Focused is inspired by the intensity of the task driven hospital emergency room where every item has its place and each space can be quickly adapted.

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Sat in the intensive care ward of Kings College hospital in London and looking for something to take his mind off a medical emergency, Phidias observed the way the working environment was organised.

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Everything had its place and was on hand to be used as and when needed, supplies and equipment and even layout could be changed quickly and easily. Could this paradigm be transferred to the workplace?

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The predominant model in the workplace works on individuals moving around to dedicated work settings or furniture being moved and reconfigured. The opportunity was to put a new product type into the market which met a real world need and allowed furniture to be adapted and not moved.

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We reviewed the options for manufacturing materials and processes and settled on developing a series of compression moulded parts for both the accessory trays and the table undercarriage covers.

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Trying to bring something new into the market for work tables is quite a challenge. Using techniques more commonly found in the automotive industry we worked with metalworking and compression moulding factories to produce a strong and lightweight structure designed for volume manufacture.

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Awarded the Design Guildmark for Furniture in 2014, Focused is at the forefront of a new trend for a softer more domestic looking product targeted at activity based work.

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“Jones & Partners were chosen as the designers for this project because we could see they have a fresh approach to design, their concepts are visually engaging, they are at the forefront of using new materials and they understand the importance of sustainable design and manufacturing which are key elements of Thinking Works’ ethos."