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KINETICA for Hugo Light Design

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Commissioned by Hugo Light Design, the Studio was engaged to develop and engineer the KINETICA© lighting design concept.  KINETICA© is an infinitely specifiable lighting system from a limited number of components. 

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With over 30 bespoke installations in the UK the complexity in creating bespoke artistic beauty has been simplified by an innovative algorithm... Kinetica is a lighting system that is not box bought.


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The studio expanded its portfolio of lighting by calling on our experience of production manufacturing techniques including d

evelopment of large structures from die cast aluminium and overcoming t

echnical challenges in development of plastic and aluminium extrusions.

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KINETICA's innovation allows infinite possibilities to be understandable and installable by architects and designers.  An intelligent algorithm generates a full product spec; i

temised components; c

ost schedule; e

xact length of cut extrusions; set of bill of materials and p

arametric, intelligent Solidworks models!