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MORTIMER for Connection

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A one piece moulded foam chair with a formal yet relaxed seating position. The aesthetic of the chair can be tailored by combination with one of the five designed base options. Each base design was carefully considered to slot into its appropriate market position and price point.


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Mortimer allowed us to create a range with distinctive, consistent visual design using polyurethane moulding.Full size foam modelling allowed us to interrogate shapes at an early stage of design development before taking onto full PU prototypes and resulting in a unique arm detailing.

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Given the shapes created we worked with an upholstery company using Saville Row tailoring techniques to produce consistent patterns.

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A focus of innovation in our process we employed 3D software to flatten out the design and produce dye cut.  This enabled interrogation in the design stages aiding the production process and reducing manufacturing costs significantly.  The end result is a successful selling portfolio with the creation

 of a collection including sofas. tables and side chairs.