Creating a visually simple, cost effective, high performing acoustic product that has diversity in it's scale and applications.



The product creation stems from market demands in today’s working environments for better noise management products. The product range in its current form is rectangular. Its innovation lies in the material and manufacturing processes utilized to create this simple but effective form. The innovation around the acoustics can be controlled 3-dimensionally with the creation of low cost production tooling that makes the design opportunities endless but acoustically measurable.

The chassis is mild steel and the foam is a type of polyurethane that cannot be detailed due to the nature of the current patent application. The specific material allows for a high acoustic performance level and the manufacturing process allows a product portfolio with endless specification for interior designers and architects. Controlling the environmental impact has been resolved by manufacturing a removable sock. This allows for the screens to be recovered in situ rather than being replaced.

The design brief has been achieved by creating a visually simple, cost effective, high performing acoustic product that has diversity in it’s scale and applications. It also has design investment with a patent pending that links the manufacturing techniques and innovation in materials.

The screen covers are removable, for cleaning & replacement. If a traditional desk screen were to require any of these potential re-works they would require dismantling or even to be removal to complete these tasks. Retain and recover is the method statement for this product.