Nurturing Talent of the Future

Working with Brunel University over the past 10 years we have found a great way to give something back to the industry we love. Nurture of fresh, young talent but we also learn a lot, and change our view point at the same time.

When we decided to take on a final year student from Brunel University and coach them through a final year project the outcome was far from predictable and has led us to repeat and expand the exercise. 


At the start the motivations where out in the open, for the student, that a job might arise at the end, for us, that we would gain kudos for helping someone at the start of their career. The unexpected outcomes were far more rewarding for all parties and the experiences learned have had a greater impact than any of us would have imagined. Every new member of the team has helped drive the studio forward. We have learned and shared different creative approaches, new organisational tools, disparate outlooks. We have adopted project planning techniques, learnt new creative strategies, approached problems in new ways. Cultural influences, design methodologies and sensibilities from Sweden, France, Italy and now Turkey all fuel our studio view of design leadership through knowledge.

For us design leadership is not about telling your clients, the market, your peers or the team what to do or how to think, it’s about listening, learning and working together to achieve the best outcome. We have developed systems and approaches which work for our clients but we continue to learn. Our systems and our methods encourage our clients, both the reluctant and enthusiastic ones to participate in the design process. We don’t presume to hold the floor on creativity, but what we do bring is experience and knowledge and set of skills to help the process of getting a product from initial thought to market. 

Before starting on this journey, we knew some things about ourselves as a collective, what we didn’t know has proved to be far greater. Thank you in no specific order to Paul, Ronja, Mike (now an active member of the team) Ebba, Alex, Michael (recently back in the studio after his degree at Loughborough), Deniz, Torin, Simone and Romaine. We look forward to the next additions.

Jones and Partners