Nurturing Diverse Talent

Designs studios thrive on curiosity and diversity.  Our annual programme with Co-Innovate at Brunel married with requests from global interns brings a rich blend of fresh ideas and diverse interests, influencing the studios growth and direction.  Here we summarise some of the students and their focus over recent years.



...joined us for an internship in 2011 with a focus on furniture design.  Having spent successful 12 months with us and developing a full range that takes its inspiration from the aesthetics and techniques of paper folding Simone is now a designer working in Paris.



... joined from Brunel during his Industrial Design course and completed his final year project under our guidance.  His innovative approach to smoke alarms earned Paul a first class degree. Staying (at times literally staying in the workshop) with us for four years, Paul is now working with IDE in Australia.



...contacted the studio in 2012 as an A-Level student!  His hydroponics table was a success and enabled Michael to go and and complete his Masters in Engineering.  We are pleased to say that Michael is back in the studio, rejoining the team earlier this year.



... is one of the many students that has joined us from the Co-Innovate programme at Brunel University. Working in the studio in 2013 for nine months Alex's project incorporated material science and the application to micro greens.  Following the successful collaboration Alex is now working with Fitch in London. 



... joined the studio again on the Co-Innovate scheme at Brunel in 2014.  Bringing added diversity to the studio Ronja created an iPad learning device for children.  Ronja is now working in Germany as a Digital Transformation Analyst with Accenture. 


... followed Ronja and again we embraced further diversity.  In his nine months, once more via the Co-Innovate programme with Brunel, Harrison devised and developed a range of equestrian body armour.  Delivering a creative and well thought through product Harrison now works as an Exhibition Designer in the UK. 



... joined us on an internship from Sweden in 2016. With a focus on ceramics and lighting we learnt a lot in the nine months Ebba was with us. Currently completing her studies in Gothenburg it was a pleasure to work with Ebba and her future is as bright as the projects we collaborated on! 



Torin... an industrial designer in his final year at Brunel.  Joining us in 2016 under the Co-Innovate umbrella Torin worked in the studio for 9 months covering a host of different projects while he finalised his body armour for martial arts.  We wish Torin all the best in his final year of studies!



...contacted us directly from France, joining us for six months this year on an internship.  With a keen interest in ceramics for the office an aesthetically pleasing product with office specific spec the range is ready for the next step.  Romaine remains in touch having returned to his studies in Paris.



...has a clear understanding of acoustics and joined the studio from Turkey for six months.  With acoustics being a focus for the team and a number of products already in our portfolio Deniz' fresh approach mixed with our existing experience is proving fruitful for all. 

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