The Workshop

We talk a lot about the early stages of design, the ideation, sketching, renders and feasibility checks.  An area that is often over looked is a place we spend a lot of our product design time - the workshop.  


Over the years we have invested a great deal to keep the workshop relevant and up to date. 

From ovens that help us understand, mould and shape materials, welders, the obligatory jigsaws and tenon saws, and measuring devices, it has become an invaluable resource. The magic may happen in the ideation and aesthetic design stages but the grunt and the detail, the checks and balances all take part in the workshop.

With the workshop located opposite our studio it allows us to quickly prototype and sanity check our ideas and decisions.  Without the space and equipment we'd be stuck in sketch and renders.

We've created everything from fidget spinners to full ranges of task systems and new aged office meeting spaces.

With this space comes responsibility of health and safety, all of our team are taken through the process in their inductions and follow ups at each review. 

Jones and Partners