The Workshop and Materials

As we have referred to previously, our product design workshop is an invaluable space which has grown over the past 17 years as Jones and Partners has grown over time.  But the workshop is not just for the various saws, grinders and welders that we house. 


A lot of our time is spent working with materials in different ways.  Moulding and shaping fabrics, wood, plastics, metals and unlimited compounds allows us to check aesthetics but also tolerances and how we can achieve finishes of the highest qualities.   

The oven is used to mould and the sewing machines may be used more often than the grinder.  Finding the right material and understanding the science behind them is key.  Craig visited BASF designfabrik earlier this year to contribute and gain knowledge in this constantly changing arena. 

The time spent on the fabrics and detailed finishes is reflected in every product we help to bring to market and is illustrated well in three of the projects that have been shortlisted for awards at the end of this year, ThinkingQuietly and Diva for Thinking Works and Oscar for Gresham.

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