Announcing ARC for PwC by Task Systems

We are over the moon to announce the launch of ARC.   Working with Task Systems we have designed an innovative solution for the agile office - a work wall that divides space, is mobile and multi functional.  

Arc, the first of our hybrid product designs for the office allows for multifunctional user requirements.  Amongst Arc's uses are a writable surface, storage, acoustic dampening, kanban board.... the list goes on.  All of which provided on a wheels.

With Task Systems we worked directly with the requirements from PwC employees listening to the challenges in their agile workplace and how they aim to streamline the environment along with their workflows.  Employing multi material Arc helps to provide a feel of domestication of the workplace.

Excitingly the range is to be extended in the coming months as we challenge the norm in workspace set up and helping to bring a more flexible approach.

Jones and Partners