POTS - Ceramics for the office

At the start of the year we spotted a new trend of retail meeting the needs of the office with global organisations like Hay and Ikea catering for office accessories.  Ceramics is always something that has interested us, with malleable materials that can be shaped to be functional and finished to be aesthetically pleasing. 

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With three initial forms and a bespoke tray the pots and mug offer different uses around the working environment, each with unique traits that make them suitable to use in the office.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 20.53.34.jpg

This was a challenging new method of manufacturing for the studio but one that we have embraced.  Observing users undertaking tasks that we assume are everyday and routine, noting what users really want including temperature, grip, smooth and tactile finishes.


Here we share some of the process undertaken in sketching and modelling phases of the project.  Visualising the outputs from research and observing phases helps us to articulate the design concepts.

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