Qi compatible chargers for Aircharge

Sat in a coffee shop, contemplating the recent birth of his son, Craig observed the sorting process of consumers, phone users needing to charge their phones sat at the perimeters of the shop close to a socket. Those not permanently fixed to their phones gravitating to the middle tables.


Always looking to solve consumers problems Craig contacted Steve at Aircharge with his solution to this problem.  What followed was rounds of ideation, product prototyping, understanding compliance and regulations for battery packs and then, a full range of products developed and launched to market.  

The range designed and developed included the Battery Pack to allow charging points to be cable free, the Executive Charger, the Keyring Charger and the 3 Way Orb for devices that did not yet support Qi technology.

Samsung and Android devices were quick to adapt to the new technology and Aircharge rolled out across the UK with points in Virgin First Class lounges, some McDonalds and M&S cafes amongst others.

Then a series of calls with Apple's team in the US to understand and meet their compliance requirements and the products are included in the 2017 Apple Keynote as a Qi supplier .


We're proud to have been part of this journey and hope that new iPhone users find it as helpful as Craig's first vision imagined.

Jones and Partners