Some True Innovation

The words innovative and innovation are banded about a lot in the design world.  We thought that we'd take time out to highlight some of the true innovations that Jones & Partners have built into their product designs in recent months.  We start with one part of the Aircharge product range - the 3-Way Orb.


Aircharge is a great concept, wireless charging for use in bars, cafes on trains or even... in your car.  We have worked on these great solutions, but what about something for legacy devices that do not support wireless battery charging - like every iPhones and older Android phones.

Aiming to cater for the mainstay of the legacy market, connections to these devices posed the real challenge.   Could we make a commercially viable product that would meet the mass market demands?  A 3-way charger had never been created before therefore allowing us to meet the challenge and show true innovation in the design and development process.

Running with the "3-Way Orb" concept, we undertook a feasibility study, sketched out some solutions, created 3D graphic models, paper models, foam models, working prototype and finally production engineering.

The result is a global client that is making a name for themselves and going from strength to strength with over 4,500 location installs worldwide.  You can see some in the Virgin Trains first class lounges in the UK, Eurostar and coming soon to Marks & Spencer cafes.

Jones and Partners