Innovation Enabling Configuration

Once again highlighting the innovation coming from the studio, the Oscar chair we designed for Gresham provided challenges that allowed us to flex the innovation muscles.

With the brief to design a chair that has configuration at its heart, we genuinely considered everything.  Always starting by listening to the users and gathering their requirements, investigating materials to make best use of, aesthetic styling, ergonomics and sustainability, the Oscar chair ticks all the boxes.


The challenge set by the client was to deliver a mid range task chair that had a consistent DNA whether a mesh back, fully upholstered, 3d knitted or our innovative ergo back was installed. The external frame has a unique clipping feature that retains all materials and provides the consistent design detailing. One of the other challenges was to ensure the functional ergonomic features i.e headrest & lumbar support performed unlike other products within this sector. The lumber support design and head rest are not just tender box tickers they were designed to perform ergonomic excellence.

Finally, as always, we bring our attention to detail, illustrated in the quality of the finish and also when working with senior ergonomist at Fira Levent Cagler, ensuring our ideas were qualified and validated to the new changing European standards.

Don’t just take our word for the innovation included.  See what Gresham have to say about it here: Gresham - Oscar Chair by Jones & Partners

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