Print Furniture in Minutes?

Like us, you may have seen the articles and buzz about 3D printing of furniture. Here is one article from a little earlier in the year in Dezeen.

As with most design studios we use 3D printing in our development process - it can help speed things up when prototyping.  Below, Phid looks more in depth at the hype and uses of 3D printing in manufacturing.


The promise of this technology being used in a viable way for manufacture has been fascinating designers and engineers for years, this development still poses more questions than delivers answers. The fact that products can be extracted from a gel in minutes and not hours or even days is exciting but still, why do we need to?

Does the material employed allow us to create anything new or better? How do we facilitate the design? The concern would be that in the short to medium term we will we just re run in 3D the DTP revolution in the early eighties. Following the advent of various software and hardware developments, it became relatively easy for untrained people to generate documents which would have previously been executed by trained Graphic Designers. Whilst the upshot of this change might have been, an ineffective document, a badly selected font, font size, colour etc., the implication of badly designed 3D products is far more serious. Where does the control come from and how many predefined parameters do the software engineers introduce into the process? How creative can the ‘novice really be’ or do these remain the tools of the skilled professionals.

I welcome the development of the technology but I’m less sure about the hyperbole which surrounds.

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