Our Summer Reading List

Heading on holidays allows us the opportunity to press the reset button, spend time with the people that matter most and book time for some nourishment.

Together we have compiled our recommended list of good reads to take away on the summer break.  We've been swapping these around the studio.  As Product Designers these reads takes us away from the office but let us find inspiration for when we get back! 


"A History of the World in 100 Objects" by Neil MacGregor.

First up is the modern classic by Neil MacGregor.  This started as a project between the British museum and the BBC.  The hundred part series, each 15 minutes long has been compiled into a book.  It gives a great insight into product "design" aligned with human history!



"The Imaginary World of..." by Keri Smith.

Next in our list is "The Imaginary World of..."  This a blank page to build the world around you as you'd like it to be.  A series of fun activities for grown ups, this book helps keep the pencil AND the brain in shape.   Not just for product design but the entire world around you.


"The Blind Watchmaker", by Richard Dawkins.

The third book is by author Richard Dawkins, "Dawkins brings us an accessible introduction to Darwin's theory of evolution. When we see how the animal kingdom has evolved it brings to mind how products and technology evolves and changes with time.  Is it always survival of the fittest in the product world?


"The Noise of Time" by Julian Barnes.

The final piece of summer reading we recommend is Julian Barnes' "The Noise of Time".  This book by Barnes is described as "... a story about the collision of Art and Power".  But with human courage to the fore, what product designer doesn't need inspiration be remind themselves that courage, with knowledge and hard work, will always win the day!

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