Visit to BASF designfabrik

Autumn is always a busy period in the design studio.  We all come back from holiday bursting with ideas, catching up with clients and projects and preparing for all the up coming design shows.  But last week Craig took some time out of the office and headed to Ludwigshafen and a workshop at designfabrik with a client to listen to and absorb some cutting edge innovation in the material science industry.


With an interesting agenda the day led to some great insight. 

  • Inspiration in material and processing innovations
  • Initial advice on the choice of a suitable material for design-oriented projects
  • Advice on the choice of processing methods
  • Advice on the right component design for the material
  • Haptic enhancement by the choice between various surface qualities
  • Optical finishing

Of particular interest was some research into Elastollan thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).  With properties providing abrasion and impact-resistance, good elastic recovery, tear and kink-resistance as well as oil and grease-resistance the uses are wide and varied. 

Craig also came across some fascinating software that has some incredible algorithms that match complexity of the natural work to synthetic product solutions.  This will be integrated into the design process in the studio.  More details of this in the near future.

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