Acoustics are in our DNA

Our design studio works in many fields of product design. In this mix of work we have almost 20 years of workplace furniture experience. With the ever evolving workplace one area of growth in the most recent years has been acoustics.

The trend for flexible, customisable products was something that we spotted some years ago with the evolution of the open and agile workspace. We have worked in acoustic products and furniture continually ever since.

The time that we have spent working on various acoustic solutions and our in depth research and rigorous testing in the acoustics field has resulted in a US and European patent being granted.


Our research and design has taken us into many areas including:

  • The general range of noise pollution in an office environment

  • Calculation of the absorption and reflection at different angles

  • Material science and absorption levels at different densities and material mixtures

  • Development of the materials and blending these together

  • Using recycled materials to maintain (sustain?) our eco credentials

  • Working with BASF and testing in varied environments

  • Aesthetic design to allow personalisation of the end product

We have used all of our experience on a wide a varied range of products. The ThinkingQuietly range for ThinkingWorks has been industry acclaimed for the solution it provides and the design aesthetics. With Gecho we set out to explore how polyurethane would lends itself not just as a noise dampening solution but to play with the rules of acoustics and most recently ARC and the next generation of the ARC range include materials to allow end users to enjoy more acoustic intimacy in an open plan and flexible environment.

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