NeoCon 2018 - A "Global" Mart and (Plenty) Espresso

We love Chicago, when the mist rises it truly is a wonderful city.  

NeoCon50 was an extremely busy show for Jones & Partners.  From the Cone of Silence attracting a great deal of attention (literally stopping people in their tracks), as shown by Darran Furniture on Level 10, to Aircharge supplying battery around the Mart it was great to see some of our designs in action.

The Cone of Silence part or ThinkingQuietly range for Thinking Works

The Cone of Silence part or ThinkingQuietly range for Thinking Works

Of equal importance were the meetings with furniture houses from around the world.  It really was a global affair this year, conducting productive meetings with organisations from all corners of the globe.  NeoCon is a true Mart, with deals being done and where you can provide updates and presentations to business leaders and decision makers.

It is fair to say that our Italian colleagues know how to put on a party, and we are very grateful to a number of them for their generosity and hospitality!  

It is always great to pack in so much in a few days: meeting with suppliers, customers and prospects; soaking up the latest global trends; and admiring the work of our peers.  However, the added evening entertainment and sight seeing at the Signature Room (Level 96 of the Hancock Tower) drains the resources further, so making the most of those precious seconds of downtime and slotting in some cheeky espressos is key to Neocon survival.

NeoCon, we can't wait to celebrate your 51st Anniversary next year, we might need a couple more espressos to up the pace yet again.

Jones and Partners