Solidworks; a Cornerstone in our Design Process

We were recently visited by InnovaSystems who interviewed us on our use of Solidworks in our design process. Solidworks plays a integral part - the short video below explains the value that we achieve.

As a business tool, Solidworks allows us to move from ideas and concept drawings manufacture quickly and efficiently. We are able to test our dimensions and tolerances whilst sharing live drawings, models and data within the team, with manufacturing partners and our clients. Keeping everyone informed at every stage of the design process is crucial to avoid wasted time and getting the best end results.

Being an industry standard, this ease of sharing helps us to expedite the process, gaining feedback from all stakeholders, before we move into prototyping or manufacture. When a simple “click and drag” gesture can propagate across the full model and all drawings, the integrity of each stage is maintained seamlessly.

Importantly, the support we get from the InnovaSystems team directly means we are never left in the lurch. They provide software support and even up-skill our team directly to improve our working knowledge.

Jones and Partners