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ORB for Aircharge

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Remaining one of few charging products to have passed Apple's MFI certification, Orb is the only triple headed charging device on the market.




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The innovation lies in the micro design detail encased in a mass production, durable, public domain consumer product.  Orb is another example of a product idea, conceived in the studio, shaped via our robust process and launched with a global partner to successful mass adoption.

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Married with the studios experience of electronics products, mixed polymers were employed to provide the strength and durability required to withstand the severity of abuse in public environments.

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All components have a micro design detail - minute detailing - micro tolerance. The high investment in tooling for mass volume production leaves little wiggle room.  Plastic mouldings ensured a fine detailed resultant product.

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Working with tier one manufacturers, the studio's testing lab was employed, our test cycles checking for product fatigue. 12 testing process were fulfilled and passed including acetal testing and abrasion testing. Orb, along with Aircharge QI devices (also designed by J&P) are common place in McDonalds, Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Virgin Trains first class lounges.