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SWIRL for Nes & Ners

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Swirl started as an internal creative brief at Jones & Partners. The aim was to create a product for a specific client in a completely new market for the company. 

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The concept is an exploration of a continuous shape on which the light could travel infinitely on one face and produce shadow on the opposite one, resulting in a high contrast between both surfaces of the shape. Using CAD we solved dimensional and functional aspects of the lamp like how the shape is linked together and where the lights are located.

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The material choice played a key role in the design of the lamp: It helped to increase the contrast between the two surfaces when the lights are on and off. Materials also provide designers or users with choices of finishes and environment colour. Copper for example would create a warm cosy environment whereas brass would be more lively.

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The final prototype allowed us to solve parts for production using diverse processes like lamination and aluminium extrusion. LED technology is incorporated to provide the highest amount of light occupying the least amount of space.