The combination and use of innovative materials, working practices and new manufacturing technologies were combined by Jones & Partners producing a truly innovative design solution. Manufactured in the North of England the anywhere product enhances Herman Miller’s design portfolio.
    — Stephen Perkins - Director of Design, Herman Miller
    Jones & Partners were chosen as the designers for our project because we could see they have a fresh approach to design, their concepts are visually engaging, they are at the forefront of using new materials and they understand the importance of sustainable design and manufacturing which are key elements of Thinking Works’ ethos.
    — Dean Kuch - Managing Director of Thinking Works
    Craig and his team delivered LUNA and in doing so have played a significant part in the development of our company. At the time of writing we have engaged Jones & Partners on another project and will continue to work with them in the future.
    — Ben Wright - Cambridge Park
    The Jones & Partners studio continued its holistic product growth for KI with the addition of cornerstone. They identified that privacy and noise control is crucial within the current workplace. Cornerstone is a simple, low SKU, understated system that integrates with the rest of the KI portfolio providing a credible acoustic solution in all aspects of the workplace.
    — Jonathan Hindle - KI