Collaborating with software engineers and electronics manufacturers.



E business is humanising the online shopping experience. Our client has a vision for the future of on-line sales and has invested huge amounts of resource and skills in the software development of this product. Our role in this project was to integrate that software into a fully functional product that catered for the market requirements. In this instance our client’s speciality was in the vision of the experience of the product and the position within this complex marketplace.

We supplied a product design service that guided them from the concepts stage of the product though the development and production tooling phases. We provided a complete supply chain that included, circuit board design, development of aluminium extrusions, production information for the injection moulders, packaging design and full product testing for the European and US markets. We located a resource for their sub assembly of the product that allowed them to essentially order a product in a box delivered to a designated location. Our involvement in this project was very hands on that allowed the client to focus on their strengths and broad understanding of their market place.